Grandes respostas (Nadezhda Tolokonnikova ao Der Spiegel)

Entrevista a Nadezhda Tolokonnikova a um jornalista do Der Spiegel que devia ter vergonha das perguntas que faz. Fosse a "nossa" Diana assim e o 15 de Setembro talvez tivesse sido outra coisa.


SPIEGEL: Do you feel guilty that you and your husband have neglected your daughter, because of your political protests?

Tolokonnikova: A man would never be asked that sort of question.

SPIEGEL: For instance, you took Gera along to demonstrations, as a protective shield, so to speak. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung even compared you to members of the Red Army Faction, a German terrorist organization, who neglected their children.

Tolokonnikova: Those kinds of comments stem from a deeply paternalistic viewpoint. Society is still trying to reduce women to the confines of their private lives, to husband and children, home and hearth. Every woman with a career has to make sacrifices when it comes to her children. It’s no different with me, as a political activist, than with businesswomen, of which there are thankfully more and more in Russia. Or a female cabinet minister. And besides, we are fighting for changes so that our children will live in a better Russia one day.


SPIEGEL: Are you grateful to Putin for granting an amnesty for Pussy Riot?

Tolokonnikova: I’m grateful to those who supported us month after month, in Russia and abroad. I owe my release to the people, and not to our political leadership. That’s why we must continue to apply pressure.


SPIEGEL: Khodorkovsky wrote an open letter in which he somewhat condescendingly addressed you as girls. How you feel about him and his plans to go to Switzerland?

Tolokonnikova: Our paths in life are very different. We have only one thing in common: our experience in the camps. I hope that, in my case and that of my fellow Pussy Riot activists, it results in our devoting all of our energy to campaigning for the release of innocent people, the improvement of prison conditions and a more democratic political system in Russia. If Khodorkovsky wants to support our projects, he should do so. But we will certainly not ask him or others for financial assistance. Of course, he was imprisoned for a longer time and under more severe conditions than I was. Perhaps Mikhail Khodorkovsky wouldn’t be the worst president for our country.


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